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What customers are saying about Scream Safe

A Life Saver!
Janet W. Verified Review
My children bought this for me in the event that I would need it in an emergency. Unfortunately, I had to activate it when I slipped and fell in my kitchen, but fortunately it was loud enough that my neighbor heard and was able to help me. I hope I don’t need to use it again, but I will always have my Scream Safe nearby.
I Feel Safer Having It
Joy S. Verified Review
I just moved to a new big city and as a petite female I have to be alert at all times. Scream Safe makes me feel safer knowing that in a worst-case scenario, I’ll be able to immediately signal for help. It’s small, but it’s peace of mind.
Great for My Kids
Scott T. Verified Review
Whether it’s at school with a bully or on the public bus home, my kids know they are safe when they have their Scream Safe with them. I clipped one on each of their backpacks so they always know where it is.
Nighttime Safety
Natasha B. Verified Review
I work a night shift and am always on edge when I have to get my car out of the lot in the middle of the night. Who knows who or what is out there. But with my Scream Safe, I know that in an instant I can send an alert for help.
Always Bring it Running
Maria P. Verified Review
I’m a woman who likes to run with my headphones in, so I often feel vulnerable when I’m out for my evening run. I’ve read too many horror stories to even consider running without my Scream Safe. I barely even notice it’s there, but in my head I know I’m protected.
I Fell and I Couldn’t Get Up
Mitchell S. Verified Review
Yes, I was one of those old men from those commercials that fell and couldn’t get up. I felt powerless being alone on the floor when no one could hear me shout for help. My daughter bought me this Scream Safe so God forbid I fall again, someone will be able to hear me.
Frequently asked questions

Whenever you need it, just your Scream Safe off the keychain pin and it will instantly activate.

No, it is not water resistant, so try to avoid getting it wet.

That depends on what type of battery you put in your Scream Safe. You should routinely test to see if your battery is still active.

No, it weighs less than one ounce, making it very convenient to clip onto your bag, clothing, or accessories.

When the pin is out, Scream Safe will blare a siren at 120db.

Just put the pin back in the top of your Scream Safe to disengage the alarm.

Depending on your situation, you should keep your Scream Safe somewhere where it is easily accessible. Some wear it as a pendant on a necklace, while others clip it to their purses or bags.

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, simply contact our customer care center for a full refund of your initial order.

Our team of professionals are located in the heart of London.

Your Scream Safe will arrive within 2-3 days.

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Verfified Purchase

Loud sound!

The one time I needed Scream Safe the siren was so loud muultiple people came running to help me. I am safe because of Scream Safe!

Paula O

Verified Purchase

Lightweight and Easy to Carry!

I keep my Scream Safe clipped to a strap on my bag so I can grab it quickly in an emergency. It's so light I barely notice it's there.

Hailey N

Verified Purchase